Sunday, May 31, 2020

Our Dogos, Bonnie and baby Olive May 2020

We had a lot of fun with the new puppy and Bonnie this month. We had a doggy party on Mother's Day where the pups got to meet a new friend. Olive is a very happy and healthy puppy, she is a great addition to our family. 

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Olivia's 1st Walk With Us

This is our new puppy Olivia aka Olive aka Catalina on her 1st walk with us. My kids did not the name Catalina and changed her name to Olive. She is a super sweet puppy but a little handful, LOL #dogopuppy #dogopuppies #sweetdogs #sweetpuppies #sweetdogo #yoamordogos #walkingdog #walkingthedog #cutepuppies #cutepuppy #oliviathedogo #raventhedog #dogoargentino #dogoargentinopuppies #dogueargentin #mastifflovers #argentinemastiff #doggo #doggos #doggoargentine #doggoargentina #argentinabulldog

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Dogos April and May 2020

These are our Dogo Argentinos goofing around on lockdown. We hope you are all out there being safe and doing well. I have been praying for all of us and that things will soon go back to normal. Just remember that we are always here to help and answer any of your questions or concerns. God Bless you all 

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Olive and Bonnie Playing For The 1st Time May 2020

We got a new female Dogo to replace our Dogo Rosie that we had to have fixed for health reasons. Olivia is a wonderful little Dogo and we are very happy to have he in our family. She came from in California. They were wonderful to work with,  the pup was very well taken of and very socialized. If your looking for a pup and we don't have one, check them out!  God Bless