Monday, April 22, 2019

Sophia Saying Goodbye to Cindy Lue

Mommy Saying Goodbye to Cindy Lue April 13th 2019 Yo Amor Dogos 1

Dante and Maria on Their New Deck April 12th 2019

Here is a video of Dante and Maria checking out the new small deck I built for them. 
They will be having more puppies in the next month, so if your looking for a wonderful Dogo Argentino puppy please contact me at 417 435 2679 text 479 366 0353 or visit our website Thanks and God Bless

Cindy Lue In a Shopping Cart at the Farm Store April 12th 2019

Cindy Lue 15 Week Old Female Dogo Argentino

New Deck For Our Dogos *** Yo Amor Dogos

My son Preston and I built a small deck for Dante and Maria. The ticks are really bad in our neck of the woods so we don't want the dogs laying on the ground. The Dogos love they deck and are always on it. 
Frame for Deck
Almost Finished Deck

Still Need to Put the Roof on it

Maria and Dante waiting to check out the Deck

Let me out Daddy

Preston Loving on the Pups

Preston and Maria

Maria and Preston

Maria April 2019

Goofy Maria

Dante and Maria on their new Deck

Dante and Maria