Thursday, November 16, 2017

3 Female Dogo Argentino Puppies for Sale

We still have 3 beautiful female Dogo Argentino puppies for Sale. 

For more information call us at 1-417-435-2679 

Monday, November 13, 2017

34 Day Old Dogo Argentino Puppies For Sale

The Puppies are 34 day old and doing just great, they are very active and also very loving little pups. Master, Pumpkin and Boo have all been sold and we still have Autumn, Wendy and Whisper, contact us at 417 435-2679 for more information. 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

One Month Old Dogo Argentino Puppies For Sale. Yo Amor Dogos

The puppies are a month old and doing great. The Puppies now have their very own little personalities.

Pumpkin and Wendy are both very out going and come out of the kennel first to greet you. They love to be held and to have their bellies rubbed. Pumpkin is going to Alaska to a family that has been waiting for two years for one of our pups.

Autumn and Boo are very loving puppies but they are kind of shy and will come and get love only if the other 3 girls go out first.

Whisper the smallest pup is also the most active she loves to play and is always causing trouble she likes to bit the other puppies in the butt and ponce on them to get them to play with her. She is a funny pup.

Last but not least we have Master aka Casper. He is a loner and maybe its because he is the only male but he is always the last puppy to come out to see what is going on. He will get some love and than go back, he is a very mellow puppy. He was sold two days after her was born.
These are wonderful and mellow puppies, all of them except for Whisper can have full registration. Whisper will make a great pet.

Friday, November 3, 2017

25 Day Old Dogo Argentino Puppies For Sale

The puppies eat food yesterday for the first time. It was funny, they started off slow and than within 2 minutes there was a puppy pile on top of the bowl. They have really grown in the last week, they went from crawling to walking and playing. Also they have become very loving wanting to be picked up and loved. All the girls are still available so contact me for more information at 417-435-2679. Thanks and God Bless

Boo is a sweet girl, she is the second biggest girl in the little and pure white. She likes to be loved but shies away from being picked up but she seems to be getting used to it. 

Master is the only male in the litter and was sold at 2 days old to a Basket Ball Star.

 Pumpkin is a very mellow big girl, she is the biggest puppy in the litter and absolutely beautiful. She is pure white with a big head and a very stocky build. 

Wendy is the sweetest puppy in the litter and loves to be held and cuddled with. She is going to be a wonderful pet and protector.

Whisper is the smallest puppy in the litter and my daughters favorite puppy. She is a very lucky puppy at 3 days old my daughter Violet was holding her and Whisper died, she stiffened up and stopped breathing. I gave her mouth to mouth and she came back. We warmed her up and my daughter Heather suggested that we put a heating pad in the whelping cage. For the next couple of days we made sure that she was on a teat at every feeding and that she was on the heating pad when she was done. By day three she would eat and than crawl on to the pad. Mama never put her off to the side so there was nothing physically wrong with her, it was just her size all the other puppies were twice her size and were not letter her get any milk. Once we got her warmed up and feed she was fine. She is a wonderful little dog and I'm so glad she made it.

 The puppies eating food for the first time.

 They started off slow than you could not stop them.

Mama taking time off from the pups.

Rosie Da Cleo relaxing on a cold autumn day.

Dante the daddy chilling out.

Autumn is a wonderful pure white puppy. She is very sweet and she too is absolutely beautiful. She is perfect and loves everyone. I wish I could keep them all, this litter is full of grade A puppies.