Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I built a new dog run to keep the dogs out of the back yard! I also started to build a puppy run, so that Faith can go outside with her puppies on nice days.

Rebuilding the back yard fence.

Rebuilding the back yard fence.

This is where the new dog run will be.

Lots of room to Run.

Putting up the fence poles.

Small dog house for the puppy run.

Small dog house for the puppy run.

Rosie worn out after moving all that lumber!

Dante came to help too.

A very pregnant faith.

I used old fence planks to skin the puppy house.

The dog house is made with all recycled wood. The only thing that was not recycled were the screws.

Inside of the puppy house.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Dogo Arentino Puppies For Sale

Faith will be having her first litter of puppies within the next couple of weeks. The puppies will be ready for homes ten weeks from the time of birth. The puppies will range from $1000 to $1200 for a pet Dogo to $2000 to $2200 for a AKC, UKC registered puppy, and $2700 for a Show Puppy, Pick of the litter. I will be posting photos as soon as they are born.
Dante the father and Faith the mother!

Dante the Father

Dante the father and Faith the mother!

Dante the father and Faith the mother!

Rosie and Faith the Mother

Dante the Father

Dante the Father

Dante the Father

Young Dante

Dante the Father

Dante the Father

Faith the Mother

Faith the Mother

Faith the Mother

Faith the Mother

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Just Finished My Puppy Contract

I just finished my puppy contract for the puppies that I am going to sel., It took me days to write and I hope that I got everything right. I want my puppies to be safe in their new homes and I don't want people breeding dogs that are not up to breed standards like so many others out there. Let me know what you think.

Yo Amor Dogo Argentino Puppy Contract
This agreement is made and entered into on the date of Application Submission
by and between Yo Amor Dogo and Buyer( as mentioned in the application). These conditions and terms are entered into and agreed upon by both Yo Amor Dogo and the Buyer, who acknowledge legal worth of this contract.
Dogo Argentino
Color: White or White with a patch
Sex: male or female
D.O.B: N/A
The Deposit for a Dogo Argentino will be non-refundable, if you reserve a puppy and you choose not to take the puppy due to sex not being correct or color or any other unforeseen factor. Your deposits will be held for a maximum of 1 year, if we are unable to provide you with a puppy from the current litter, you will be first on our list for the next litter.
Depending on the purchase price, Yo Amor Dogo will transfers all rights and responsibilities associated with the ownership of the described Argentine Dogo puppy, with the following conditions subsequent.
___1. If you purchase a pet Dogo The puppy MUST be Spayed or Neutered between the ages of 16 and 18 months. If you do not spayed or neutered the dog during this said time ownership of the puppy will be forfeit and will revert back to Yo Amor Dogo and the puppy will be returned at the Buyers expense (Pet Puppies Only).
__2. The puppy must complete Basic Obedience Training by 7 months of age and send Yo Amor Dogo the paperwork or you must send a video showing that the puppy has been trained. If your puppy is not trained within this time frame Yo Amor Dogo will have the puppy trained at your expense. Training of your dogo should be ongoing.
__3. The puppy must have its ears cropped by the age of 12 weeks. If it has not been done by this time, the ears will stay natural permanently unless authorized by a veterinarian.
Congratulations on the purchase of your new Dogo Argentino. We have done everything we can to ensure that your new puppy is off to the best possible start from birth. The puppy will be wormed and checked for parasites. We will give the puppy it's 1st round of shots, We check each puppies hearing and check the puppies hips. The puppy will be microchipped and we will give each puppy a lot of love.
The Dogo Argentino puppy will be AKC and UKC registered and is able to be registered through the FCPR, and DACA and YO AMOR DOGO will provide you a Pedigree. You the buyer are responsible for the registration fees and submission of all paperwork.
(Pet quality puppies will only receive paperwork after spay/neuter receipt is shown.)
The Dogo Argentino is relatively new to the United States, and not enough time has lapsed to eradicate all health problems. We will guarantee all genetic health problem, heart, tumors Hip Dysplasia and Bilateral Deafness until the age of 24 months. We will not refund your money but we will give you a new puppy, Buyer is responsible for shipping of the replacement puppy.
YO AMOR DOGO will make sure your new puppy has a good temperament at the time of sale. The temperament of your dog after that is up to you. Your Dogo needs to be socialized with other dogs and be brought around people. Training is a must and must never be stopped. If you want a good dog you have to put the time into that dog. Dogos are big and have the potential of being a dangerous dog if they are beaten or mistreated. If you do not properly train you dog as a puppy you will not be able to handle it as and adult. DO NOT BUY THIS DOG IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO PUT THE TIME IN TO TRAINING IT! This Argentine Dogo puppy will be good as an adult if the we put the time in and properly socializes your dog.
At any point in the dogs life if you are not able to keep this puppy or are unhappy with the dog YO AMOR DOGO will take the dog back. You as the buyer will be responsibly to get the dog to us. No refunds will be given because we will have to find a replacement home for the dog, have the dog checked out by a veterinarian and have the dogs vaccinations brought up to date.
___1. You will love and take good care of your puppy. They will be given the best food, housing, veterinarian care and companionship. Your dogs needs lots of training, exercise and socialization. The puppy will be given all it shots, wormed monthly and be treated with the highest respect at all times. This is to assure proper development and maintenance of the temperament, health, happiness, and well-being of the animal.
___2. This dog will NEVER be used for dog-fighting. If it is found that this dog was used for dog fighting, YO AMOR DOGO will immediately terminate ownership of your dog and revert back to us, all attorney fees for recovery of the Dogo or the collection of the liquidated damages will be paid by the Buyer.
___3. If you any reason you do want your dog anymore the dog is not to be given away or sold. The dog will not go to a shelter, a rescue organization or the humane society. If the dog is unwanted the dog must be returned back to us and we will find a new home for the dog. If the dog is not given back to us you will be responsible for all legal fee for YO AMOR DOGO to retrieve the dog.
___4. You must tell us Immediately if at any time this Dogo Argentino is lost or stolen, and to make every effort to locate this Dogo Argentino.
___5. If you purchased a Pet Puppies: This Dogo Argentino is sold as a pet and will placed on a limited registration. You as the buyer must understands that you cannot show this puppy in conformation shows and this dog cannot be bred. The puppy must be spayed/neutered between 16 and 18 months of age, the dog must be fixed within this time frame and no earlier or you dogs health will be compromised and your heath guarantee will be forfeit.
___6. For Show Potential Bitches Only: Your female puppy will not be bred until she reaches at least 20 months of age. You as the buyer agrees to breed only to registered male Dogo Argentino of quality, as determined by YO AMOR DOGO. Your female is never to be bred with any other breed of dog. There are thousands of mixed Dogos in shelters all over the country because of this and it will not be tolerated. If you breed your female with any other breed your female will be forfeit and legal fee will be your responsibility. You as the buyer agrees that all pet quality puppies out of this bitch will be sold with limited registration along with a spay/neuter contract. No puppies out of this bitch will be sold to pet stores, puppy mills, commercial breeders, or any type of resale operation. If it is found that the bitch was bred before she reached 20 months of age, or if pet puppies are found being disposed of through pet stores, puppy mills, commercial breeders, or resale operations, or if pet quality puppies are being sold with full registration without spay/neuter agreements, YO AMOR DOGO reputation will be damaged and ownership of your dog will be terminated, all legal fees to recover the dog and all of the puppies will be the responsibility of the buyer.
___7. Papered Males: Male Dogos will not be bred until they are 18 months of age. He will only be bred to registered female Dogo Argentino's of quality, as determined by the YO AMOR DOGO. Your Male is never to be bread with any other breed of dog. There are thousands of mixed Dogos in shelters all over the country because of this and it will not be tolerated. If you breed your male with any other breed your male will be forfeit and legal fee will be your responsibility. The owners of the bitches must agree to place all "pets" resulting from litters sired by this dog on limited registration and with spay/neuter agreements. If pet puppies are found being disposed of through pet stores, puppy mills, commercial breeders, or resale operations, or if pet quality puppies are being sold with full registration without spay/neuter agreements, YO AMOR DOGO reputation will be damaged and ownership of your dog will be terminated, all legal fees to recover the dog and all of the puppies will be the responsibility of the buyer.
___8. At the time of the sale you must disclose any other dominant breeds of dogs that are living in your home because some dogs might not be compatible with your Dogo Argentino for reasons of dominance, aggression, or sex. Dogos are a very dominate dog and will want to be the pack leader among your other dogs. You as the buyer must give full disclosure to the YO AMOR DOGO about all pets that are in your house at the time of sale. We must ensure that your new dogo will be safe in his or her new home. You must have proper facilities for the purposes of ensuring the safety and well-being of this dog. YO AMOR DOGO will if at all possible do a home visit so we can be assess if a Dogo Argentino is right for you and your family before the final sale takes place, these are important factors in our decision to sell you a puppy. If you do not disclose all information at the time of sale your dog will be forfeit and all legal fee will be paid by you as the buyer.
___9. You the buyer is responsible for your Dogo Argentino. You as the buyer acknowledges and agrees that YO AMOR DOGO fully explained the dominant nature of the Dogo Argentino and the possibility that your dogo might cause great harm if not properly trained and socialized. The Dogo has the naturally occurring aggressive characteristics and are not for a first time dog owner or someone who is not willing to put the time in to fully train and understand this breed of dog. YO AMOR DOGO is not responsible in anyway for any future occurrences relating to this Dogo owned by you the buyer.
___10. You as the buyer agree to send three picture a month for the first six months and than every 6 months until the dog is 3 years old so we can guarantee the well being of the dog. If we are unable to ascertain the well being of the dog, the health guarantee on the dog will be forfeit.
___11. The Buyer agrees that this contract will be bound by the laws of the State of Missouri, and that any dispute regarding this contract, or the Dogo, will be settled in a Missouri court.
___12. If the you the buyer moves you must notify YO AMOR DOGO because if you don't we can no longer ascertain the health and well being of the dog, and health guarantee will be void.
___13. You the buyer agrees to notify the YO AMOR DOGO if there is any serious illnesses/injury that requires the dog undergo surgery or prolonged medical attention.
By Submitting the Web Application, you agree that you have read through this contract in full and agree to abide by ALL terms expressed or implied above.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

How long is a Dogo Argentino Pregnant

Dogo Argentino's as with most dogs are pregnant for around sixty three days, but the duration can be between fifty eight to sixty eight days. The heat cycle of a Dogo lasts around 21 to 25 days so puppies will be born sixty three days from the day of conception around 10 to 15 days into the heat cycle.

If you think that your dog my be pregnant, here is some information on how long and what to expect.

At first it may be hard to tell that your dog is pregnant, but at about three weeks you will start to notice your dog gaining weight and at 30 days you might notice clear liquid or mucoid discharge from her vulva.

Hormonal changes may cause your dog to get morning sickness that will happen around 25 to 30 days into the pregnancy. They my have nausea and vomiting. Make sure you have plenty of clean water around for them to drink and prenatal vitamins are a good ideal.

Your dogs teats will start to become more prominent around twenty days due to increased blood supply. Around forty days the nipples will begin to swell and there my be some clear discharge.

Around forty day your dogs abdomen will begin to swell and at the end of term you will see movement as the puppies become bigger. 

Make sure that you have a nice, clean place for your dog to have her puppies, a place that makes her feel safe. This is very important for the well being of your dog and her puppies.

If you suspect that your dog could be pregnant, you should contact your Vet and bring her in for a check up as soon as possible and than bring her in again around forty five days so the vet can either preform an ultrasound or an x-ray to count the number of puppies and to make sure everything is alright.

There is a ton of good information out there on the web, so do your homework. Thanks for reading! James

Dante and Faith

Dante, Rosie and Faith 4-10-2016

Faith about 40 Days into her pregnancy.  

Saturday, April 2, 2016

My Dogo Argentino's New Custom Made Dog House and Run!

I am building a custom dog house for my Dogo Argentino's. I have to have a place to put my dogo's when my females are in heat and also a safe place for them when it's nice out. When Faith went into heat last month I had no place to put her and my male Dante to keep them out of trouble. Dante went nuts and he should not have been around my kids. So I had to convert a dog house that my nephew used when he was staying with me into a safe shelter for my dogs. The old dog house had no front so I installed one and wrapped heavy duty plastic around it to keep them warm and dry.

This is the makeshift dog house I through together, Dante started to remove the plastic.

So today I started to build my dog's a new house. You want to face the front of the house to the south and the back to the north. That way the cold northern winds will not blow into your doghouse and the sun will hit the front.
I want the house to be eight foot by four foot because I'm and going to make a place for two dogs, so the each have there own space.

Here is the 4'x8' frame made from 2'x6's

I started off making the floor frame out of 2x6's with the slats being 16" apart so I can install R19 insulation.

I installed  4'x8' thick plywood on the bottom to hold in the insulation and keep the dogs from getting at it.

I installed the R19 insulation and sealed all the seams so no air bugs can get in.

Than I installed another piece of plywood on top.

Dante checking out my work.

 I had some vinyl flooring that was given to me, it is really good stuff and I have used linoleum before and it just will not hold up to a big dog within a year you will be replacing it, so you will want to spend the extra upfront to get the good stuff. 
 I built the rear wall 3' 1/2 feet high and installed it onto the frame. I had to install the plywood before I put it up because the frame is hooked to the fence so there would be no way to install it later.
built tapered walls for the sides the back being 3' and 1/2 feet and the front being 4' and installed them. This was all I got done today but I will keep posting so everyone can see my progress.
Dante and Faith hanging out in the dog run, soon to be a nice kennel.

I framed out the front of the house, I went to Lowes and purchased the doggie doors so I would know what size to make the openings.    

I framed out the roof on the grown with 2x6's and split it in half because I am only going to insulate the half over the house and than I slid it up onto the house.

I screwed the roof on.

When I first started to build the house Dante kept jumping up on the floor and hanging out, so I got the ideal of installing a covered deck, so he would not have to lay on the ground.

I framed out the deck with 2x6's and than installed it onto the house. I used two scrap boards to hold up the deck and than installed the 4x4's to hold up the roof and the deck.

Than I laid down the decking planks.

Front view of the house.

I started to put the plywood on the sides.
I installed plywood to the underside of the roof and than installed R19 insulation to the half of the roof over the dog house.
I installed the plywood to the roof.

Inside view of the house, before I started to add the inside walls.

when I installed the center wall, I left a spot to install a heater and a light.

Front view of the house.

The Heater and the Light before I installed wire mesh so the dogs can't get to it. I covered the shelf with metal so that the dogs won't chew on it and so that the heat will not start a fire.

I insulated the inside with R13 and started to add the flooring to the walls. I used flooring because it is easy to clean and my nephew had a bunch of extra flooring that he gave me.

I added the wires to install the flood light.

I installed the flooring on the walls and the mess over the heater and the light. The light is a 40 watt 20 year L.E.D. light.

Inside of one half of the house.

As you can see I did not put plywood on the front yet, because I wanted to run wires for the lights through the wall, also it made it easier to install the flooring I used for the inside walls.

Flooring installed on the outer wall.

Here you can see that I have painted the top to make it easier when I install the metal roof, I also have installed the electrical wire, light on the inside with a 40 watt LED bulb, an LED flood light and a heater inside.

I installed the insulation and cut vent hole at the top to vent out the warm air in the summer
Here is a front view of the house.

I installed the plywood and the roof which I had left over from when I roofed my house. Than I painted and calked the dog house.

I installed the vents

The metal roof.

Installing the doggie doors.
The doggie doors installed and working on the steps.
Painted view of the back.

The run and house are in a well shaded area, to keep the dogs cool in the summer.
Steps installed and building a small ramp off to the side for puppies.
My nephew had some metal fencing left over from a job and let me have it to split the run in two. It also looks really nice too.
We rebuilt the fence around the run and installed new door hardware.
Back view of the run, I used wood fence panels on the north side to block the north winds.
Side view of the run and I installed skirting around the dog house to keep the dogs warm in the winter.
Built a second door for the other side of the run.

Inside view of the run.
The black fencing looks really nice.
Front view of the run.
Inside the Run.
Finished! I still want to cement the run to keep the dogs clean. I want to be able to put them in the run and them not get all dirty. What do you think of the run? If you have any questions feel free to ask and I will help you in anyway I can. Thanks for looking!