Monday, November 28, 2016

Kassy 18 Day Old Dogo Argentino Puppy Yo Amor Dogos video

Kassy is a big beautiful Female Dogo Argentino puppy. She loves to snuggle and give kiss's we love her to Death.

Gunny 18 Day Old Dogos Argentino Puppy Yo Amor Dogos Video

BoB 18 Day Old Dogo Argentino Puppy 1st Video

This is Bob the biggest boy in Faith's new litter. He is a wonderful dogo and we all just love him. He is just starting to get his legs under him and once he does look out!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

16 Day Old Dogo Argentino Puppies Yo Amor Dogos

The Puppies are 16 days old today and really starting to get around. They had their nails clipped today, the little guys were starting to look like small Freddy Kruger's.

15 Day Old Dogo Argentino Puppies. Two Female Puppies For Sale.

Most of the puppies eyes have open and they are starting to walk with their little jelly legs, it is very cute. I still have two females that are available, Molly is $1500 and Sophia is $1200 contact me for information. God Bless 

Molly is a wonderful dogo, she is very big and strong.  

Sweet Sophia my little girls favorite puppy! 

Dante and Rosie having some fall fun, November 2016

Monday, November 21, 2016

11 Day Old Dogo Argentino Puppies For Sale

The Force Is Strong With These Pups !

The puppies have been graded and priced.

The puppies have been graded and priced as soon as the people who are getting Full registered puppies have picked their dogs. I will be contacting everyone else on the pet list to make their picks. At this young age it is hard to tell if the puppies will develop unwanted flaws. If this should happen, that puppy would go down in price. If it is a flaw that can not be overlooked than the customers deposit will be returned and they will be free to purchase a puppy from another breeder. I do not keep customers deposits, so that they have to wait 6 to 8 months for another litter. Thanks to everyone for their time and patience.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Four Month old Female Dogo Argentino female For sale

I have a four month full AKC registered female Dogo Argentino Puppy for sale. Please contact me for information. She is a wonderful little girl and very friendly these two have not met a person or dog they don't like. She is $1500 full shots and wormings. She need training, but she is very smart. Can only be ground shipped.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Week Old Dogo Argentino Puppies

The puppies are a week old today and their eyes are just starting to open.

Sophia the little girl.

Sarge because he was born on the Marnie Corps Birthday

Sophia Again.

Molly the sweet Middle girl.

Poncho because my daughter Kylee said so.

Rose she is the biggest female and so sweet.

Bob, why Bob because he makes my smile and he is a Big Old Boy!

Gunny because he was born on Veterans Day.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Two Day Old Dogo Argentino Puppies! We Just Love Them

My Little girls with our new Dogo Argentino Puppies. We have to change out their carpet and clean the kennel everyday,  so this is the only time that we get to handle the puppies. We clean the cage, take pictures, videos and then put them back before mama is done eating and going to the bathroom.